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Research in Action

August 2016
Latest research news and updates from the MS Society of Canada

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Research Profile

Manager, Research Information and Partnerships, Angelica Asis

Angelica Asis
Science was always a passion of Angelica’s, but until she joined the MS Society of Canada as a Research Coordinator in July 2012, she didn’t quite know what kind of career in science she was looking for. Having completed an undergraduate degree in Life Sciences at McMaster University, followed by Master of Science also at McMaster, Angelica discovered a love for research, new ideas research can test and findings research can bring. But she also realized that doing research in a laboratory was not her life path. As Coordinator in the MS Society’s Research Department, Angelica quickly learned the importance of communicating the outcomes and impact of MS Society-funded research to the community, and relaying the critical need to raise funds to advance promising research in MS. She also found that a lot of information on research were filled with complex scientific and medical terms, and so she took up a position that would allow her to develop communications tools that made research understandable and interesting to people affected by MS.

Now a Manager in the Research Department, Angelica continues to oversee research communications, and works with other department to identify and create interactive approaches to talking about research with staff and the public. “When I am presenting on the latest updates in research, I see the hope and excitement it brings to people living with MS and their families,” says Angelica. “I want people to be kept up-to-date on the latest progress in MS research around the world and how it will improve quality of life for those who are affected by MS. That’s what motivates me.”

Research Impact

Community Representative and Chair of Fredericton & Area Chapter

As a member of the MS Society’s 2016 endMS Personnel Awards Review Committee, Corrie Shaw shares her reflections on the process of reviewing applications for research grants and awards. From an outside perspective, the research review process may appear to be a straightforward, quick decision. However, it is quite rigorous and involves input from both scientific experts and members of the community. When asked about her experience as a lay reviewer, she commented that it was both thorough and enlightening. “I had no idea how involved the process actually was. Being a Community Representative is a unique opportunity that gives you a chance to help, learn and meet people who are committed to helping those with MS.” Connecting research to individuals like Corrie helps the greater MS community understand the importance of conducting a thorough review process. In fact, she actively keeps an eye out for future publications from grants that were awarded in the last research competition.

To read Corrie’s full interview, visit our website.

Research Events and Funding Opportunities

2016 endMS Conference — Registration now OPEN

This is a reminder for researchers and clinicians to register for the 2016 endMS Conference, taking place Dec 6 - 9, 2016 in Toronto. As the largest scientific meeting in Canada focused on multiple sclerosis, we encourage you to take a moment to visit the endMS Conference website to learn more about this exciting event.

ACTRIMS Forum 2017 Call for Abstracts to be eligible for an endMS Research and Training Travel Award

ACTRIMS (Americas Committee for Treatment and Research in Multiple Sclerosis) Forum 2017 is taking place on February 23-25, 2017 in Orlando, Florida. The theme of this year's ACTRIMS meeting will be “Environmental Factors, Genetics, and Epigenetics in MS Susceptibility and Clinical Course”.

The MS Society of Canada will be offering the endMS Research and Training Travel Award to four (4) currently funded doctoral candidates and postdoctoral fellows who have submitted a successful abstract to ACTRIMS Forum 2017. In order to be considered for this award, you must first submit an abstract to ACTRIMS by the submission deadline.

The deadline to submit an abstract is Friday, September 30, 2016.

For more information, visit our Training Program and Networking Activities website.

Information and events offered by the MS Society

Please visit the MS Society Events website for details on the following events as well as others in your area:

  • MS Bike — Pedal your way to raising dollars for multiple sclerosis research and support programs by registering for the annual MS Bike. Every year motivated volunteers and fundraisers come together to bike across multiple locations in Canada in support of MS. Visit MS Bike website for details on locations, dates and pledge forms.

External events and opportunities related to multiple sclerosis

Research Spotlight

In each issue, we’ll be shining the spotlight on one study featured on our website that was carried out by the dedicated researchers and trainees funded by our programs.

Researchers explore new experimental therapy that could protect myelin and promote repair

Therapies available for the treatment of MS work by blunting the damaging effects of immune cells on myelin. But what if we could prevent damage in the first place and help the body repair the damage that has already been done? In an MS Society-funded study, a team led by Drs. Jack Antel and Tim Kennedy observed the behaviour of cells to test if a new experimental drug can both maintain existing myelin and promote repair.

To read more about this study and other groundbreaking research, visit the Latest MS Research News on the MS Society website.

Did You Know?

Since July 2016, researchers and trainees funded by the MS Society of Canada have published 6 scientific articles in peer-reviewed journals.

In Other MS News…

Get Involved in a Research Study

The MS Research Portal is a resource provided by the MS Society of Canada that aims to connect Canadian researchers seeking participants for studies with people affected by MS who want to get involved in research. Each month, this section will highlight a select study hosted on the Portal. If you are a researcher looking to post a study, or if you are a person affected by MS who would like to take part in a study, visit

  • Researchers at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre are looking to understand cognitive impairments using computers. Participants will be asked to partake in a two-step cognitive assessment, followed by feedback assessment of their emotional and physical wellbeing. Click here for details on how to participate.
Interested in a research topic or event that was not covered? Submit your feedback to


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