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Join our team at a Gear Up Ride near you!

BCY Bike WK 2017Gear Up Rides are a great way to meet other MS Bike cyclists, share fundraising ideas, and get out on your bike to continue (or start) your training. The following events are open to all MS Bike participants regardless of the MS Bike location you are participating in. We also encourage you to use these rides as an opportunity to grow your team. Invite friends, family, and coworkers who have never participated to join you at a Gear Up Ride to introduce them to the MS Bike community and see how great it is. Save the dates below in your calendar. More information on each ride will be added below once confirmed. Looking forward to seeing you out at a Gear Up Ride.

**If you can’t join one of the above rides consider creating your own local Gear Up Ride and inviting others to join you through the MS Bike BC Facebook Group.

Also check out our events calendar for more information.

Vancouver Island Region

RSVP to Dave Macmurchie at

Parking at Merridale: Please carpool wherever possible. Park past the processing barn at the end of the driveway.

As well as their cidery and distillery Merridale has a very nice eatery. Following Gear Up Ride consider having a delicious meal or light snack and also an opportunity to socialize with MS Bike participants.

Category 12 Brewing will have their new kitchen open for June 22!

Lower Mainland Region

RSVP to Stu Bagnall, Gear up Ride Coordinator at

Interior Region


All rides will start at Kelowna Cycle at 9 am. Email Katherine Campbellto RSVP

West Kootenay:

RSVP to Stephane Gosselin, Gear up Ride Coordinator at

Things to bring to a Gear Up Ride