MS Bike

Why Ride?

Canada has one of the highest rates of multiple sclerosis in the world, and every year friends, family members and co-workers gear up at MS Bike to end this disease. From start to finish, MS Bike is full of excitement, challenge and community and you’ll leave knowing that you’ve accomplished something great.


“Everyone who rides in the MS Bike tour makes that same choice. As a participant, as a volunteer, as someone living with MS, as someone with a loved one with MS—whatever your connection is, when you decide to ride, it’s because you know that together we can end MS.” - Patrycia

MS Bike events work to create an exceptional participant experience. With rest stops, hydration, food and support staff to make sure you and your bike are in the best shape possible to cross that finish line, you can focus on cycling and achieving your physical goals.

Money raised by MS Bike participants support important programs and services, and fund ground-breaking research. When you register for MS Bike you will have the most fun while making a meaningful impact on the things that hold the most promise to the MS community.

Your impact

We are dedicated to funding research and services that empower Canadians affected by multiple sclerosis. The money you raise through MS Bike will help fund things like:

Stem cell research

MS Bike participants helped fund the Canadian Bone Marrow Transplantation trial. Now it’s time to fund research that will lead to safer stem cell treatments.
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Discover what causes MS

Studies of genetics are revealing more clues about the triggers and drivers of MS.
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Advocate for accessible and low-cost treatments

We work to ensure that people living with MS have equal and timely access to treatments based on what is best for their health and not what they can pay.

Accessible, quality information and support

The MS Knowledge Network is our hub of knowledge. Navigators provide consistent, quality MS information and support for anyone affected by multiple sclerosis in Canada.
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