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1. How do I choose whether to register for single, double or triple/quad occupancy room?

The single occupancy registration includes a room at the NAV Centre with one bed, where one person is spending the night. The double occupancy registration also includes a room with one bed but will be shared by two MS Bike participants. The triple/quad occupancy registration includes a room with two beds that are designated to be shared between three or four MS Bike participants.

If you are planning on having a non-cycling guest stay overnight at the NAV Centre with you, your registration type would not change (i.e. you are still considered a single occupancy registrant, even if you are sharing the room with an overnight guest), and we ask that you contact our office at  613-728-1583 or 1-800-268-7582 ext. 3326 to inquire about your guest’s fees for dinner and breakfast at the NAV Centre. The no accommodation registration option applies to cyclists who will not be staying at the NAV Centre on August 17 and will be cycling on both days.

2. What is the fee to register?

The fees vary depending on the date you register and the type of accommodation that you choose (see above). The fees to register from April to event day are:

  • Single Occupancy $100
  • Double Occupancy $80
  • Triple/Quad Occupancy $65
  • No Accommodations $50
  • Saturday Ride Only $50
  • Overnight Guest $55

3. Is my registration fee a donation?

As there are many costs associated with the tour that are not sponsored, your registration fee will be used to offset our bike tour costs. You will not receive a tax receipt for your registration fees.

4. Is there a family or group fee?

No. All cyclists must pay the individual registration fee and raise the minimum $350 in order to participate.

5. How can Alumni register a new participant as a "friend for free"?

All alumni are entitled to refer one free registration and the rider must have never participated in a MS Bike tour in the past. Your friend MUST raise the minimum pledge of $350 in order to participate. The only way to register a friend for free is to contact our help desk at or call 613-728-1583 or 1-800-268-7582 ext. 3326.

6. Is there an age restriction to participate?

Yes; participants must be 8 years of age or older.

7. Can I refund or transfer my registration fee if I choose not to participate?

Unfortunately, registration fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.  If you know in advance please contact our office at or call 613-728-1583 or 1-800-268-7582 ext. 3326 so we can cancel your room to reduce expenses.

8. Is there a minimum fundraising amount?

Yes; you must fundraise a minimum of $350 to be permitted to participate in the tour.

9. Do I have to register as part of a team?

You are welcome to ride as an individual but it’s more fun to ride in the tour as a team! The energy that comes from participating on a team is contagious! Don’t have a team to join? Start one! All you need is a few friends to ride with and a fun team name.

10. Can another member be added to an existing team?

Upon registering online, you can easily join an existing team. If you are already registered, please contact our help desk at or call 613-728-1583 or 1-800-268-7582 ext. 3326 to be added to a team.

11. Where and when do I pick up my cyclist package and drop off my pledges?

You can pick up your cyclist package at the MS Society office during office hours (9-5) beginning Monday, August 12th until Friday, August 16th or the morning of the tour.  Please note cyclist packages will only be distributed to cyclists who have fundraised the $350 minimum. See details below:

Option 1: Early Check-in

  • Date: Aug 12 - 16
  • Times: 9 am - 5 pm
  • Location: MS Society Office, 300-885 Meadowlands Drive E., Ottawa, ON

Option 2: Check-in

  • Date:  Aug 17
  • Time: 6:30 - 8:00 am
  • Location:  Metcalfe Arena, 2785 8th Line Rd, Metcalfe, ON




1. Can I request a roommate?

Yes! After selecting the room option upon registering, you will be asked to enter a roommate request. Already registered? Contact our help desk at or call 613-728-1583 or 1-800-268-7582 ext. 3326 to make a request!

2. What amenities does the NAV Centre have?

Every room will be equipped with a full bathroom and you can expect a full hotel experience overnight on Saturday. Please bring your own toiletries as they are not included.

3. How do I bring my luggage to Cornwall if I am cycling?

All participants will pack their luggage onto the luggage truck at the start line. We will transport all your baggage to Cornwall. Upon arrival, you can pick your luggage up at the finish line. Please ensure your baggage is clearly tagged with your cyclist number and name, and that you wear your cyclist wristband at all times to identify your number.  The MS Society is not responsible for any lost, broken or stolen items.


Pre-Tour Information

1. Are there any training rides available?

Yes, We will be offering training rides to prepare you for the tour. These rides will be offered by our Bike Shop partners around Ottawa. Be sure to check our Upcoming Events Calendar for times and locations of all events.

2. Are there any pre-tour events?

Absolutely! We have Pub Nights, Promotion events, and Team events taking place throughout the season.   We will keep the Upcoming Events calendar up to date and if you have a team event you would like listed please contact our info desk at . We'd love to see you there!

3. How can I get involved in the tour other than cycling?

There are many ways to get involved in the tour besides cycling! We have volunteers hosting fundraisers and we are always looking for volunteers as the tour would simply not be possible without our incredible volunteers! Please contact Jessica at for more information.

4. What type of bike do I need?

Road bikes are not required, but strongly recommended. Your bike must be road-ready and safe!

5. Do I need new gear for the tour??

Helmets are mandatory and we highly recommend you invest in a pair of cycling shorts which can make your ride much more enjoyable!

6. Is the MS Bike on social media?

Yes! We're on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Use @msbiketour to find us!

7. Where and when do I pick up my cyclist package and drop off my pledges?

You can pick up your cyclist package the week before the tour from Monday, Aug 12th - Friday, Aug. 16th at the MS Society Office or at the start line the morning of the tour. Please note cyclist packages will only be distributed to cyclists who have fundraised the $350 minimum.

Tour Weekend Information

1. If I am unable to ride in the tour, can someone else ride in my place?

No, unfortunately registration for the tour is non-refundable and non-transferable.

2. What kind of support do I receive along the route?

The tour is a fully supported route! We offer multiple check points approximately every 15 -20 km along the way. Checkpoints include refreshments, snacks, lunch and washroom facilities. We offer medical support (trained professional medical personnel), tour leaders (cyclists who offer assistance along the route and monitor cyclist safety), SAG vehicles (pick up cyclists who cannot finish the tour or need a break from cycling), and MS Friendly Bike Shops at start and all checkpoints (for any cyclists with mechanical issues).

3. Where does the tour go?

You can refer to the map in the Cyclists Handbook and there will be maps available at the start. The tour takes paved backroads and the roads are NOT closed to vehicular traffic for the event. We do ask that friends and family DO NOT follow you on route to reduce the number of vehicles. We will have police at the event and all cyclists must obey the traffic rules to ensure a safe ride.

4. Can my friends and family watch along the way?

Yes, friends and family are welcome to support you along the way at designated cheering locations which we will share with you prior to the tour. They are welcome to watch at the start/finish line.   We do ask that friends and family DO NOT take the cyclist route but instead find alternative routes to ensure the roads are not congested with cyclists and vehicles.

5. Do I need to bring my own food?

We provide food for the whole tour; we offer breakfast for both Saturday and Sunday, snacks and lunch along the route both days, dinner on Saturday evening and a celebration BBQ Sunday.  We do our best to accommodate dietary restrictions but strongly recommend you bring your own food if you are on a restricted diet and/or food allergies.

6. What do I do if I can no longer ride during the tour?

SAG vehicles pick up cyclists who cannot finish the tour or need a break from cycling. Cyclists will be taken to the next checkpoint along the route.  Flag down a SAG vehicle by safely getting off your bike and holding your helmet up in the air. If you cannot ride on Day 2 whatsoever, there will be a shuttle leaving Sunday morning from the NAV Centre at 8 am sharp to the finish line at Metcalfe Arena. SAG vehicles will also be available to support you on Day 2.

7. Once I arrive at the NAV Centre, how should I spend my afternoon?

Once you arrive at the NAV Centre you will pick up your keys and luggage and check into your room.   We will have massage therapists (limited time and space), a beer garden and dinner will run from 5:00 - 8:00.   Evening ceremonies are hosted by the NAV Centre where we highlight teams, fundraisers, volunteers and announce the total money raised to find a cure for MS.

8. If I don’t complete the tour, can I still have meals and attend the ceremony?

Of course! All overnight guest will receive their meal ticket at check in.

9. Can my friends and family come to the dinner and evening ceremonies?

Yes! You can stop by the volunteer/info tent and purchase a meal ticket for $25 and everyone is welcome to attend the evening ceremonies.

10. Where do I store my bike overnight?

Cyclists will store their bikes overnight in one of the conference rooms at the NAV Centre. They will be held securely until we start Sunday morning at 8 :00 am.

11. Do I need ID for the beer gardens?

Yes, we ID anyone that looks under 30.


Post-Tour Information

1. Can my friends and family join me at the finish line for the BBQ?

Absolutely! We encourage family and friends to come join you to celebrate your completion of the tour on Sunday. Please have them meet you at the finish line at Metcalfe Arena. The celebration BBQ will be held from 10 am - 2 pm and ask guests for a $5 donation.

2. If I did not cycle Day 2 of the tour, where can I pick up my bike?

If you take the bus on the way back a truck will follow with your bike.

3. Where do I pick up my luggage at the end of the tour?

Your luggage will be waiting for you at the finish line at the Metcalfe Arena when you arrive. Any luggage not picked up will be brought to the MS Society office (300-885 Meadowlands Dr. E., Ottawa, ON).   Please be sure to clearly mark your bag and double check when you pick it up that you have the correct bag.

4. Where do I enquire regarding lost and found items?

Please contact our info desk at or call  613-728-1583 or 1-800-268-7582 ext. 3326 to claim lost items.

5. When is the fundraising deadline?

You have until August 31, 2019 to submit your donations in order to qualify for prizes. This deadline does not extend to the minimum of $350 that each participant must raise to pick up their cycling package.


Donating, Fundraising, & Rewards

1. When can I start fundraising?

You can begin fundraising as soon as you are registered! Registration is now open at! We accept donations for the tour until October 31, 2019*

*Please Note: You must raise the minimum of $350 prior to riding in the tour on Aug 17 & 18.

2. What is the minimum fundraising required? What happens if I don’t meet the minimum?

The minimum pledge amount is $350. If you do not meet the minimum amount, you will not receive your cyclist package and will not be able to participate in the tour.   

3. How do tax receipts work for donors?

We offer tax receipts for any donors who contributed $20 and over. Online donors will automatically receive a tax receipt within 24 hours of their donation via email* and offline donors (cash and cheque) can expect to receive their tax receipt via mail within four months of their donation.

*Please note for online donors: Check your junk/spam folder as sometimes your emailed tax receipts end up there.

4. Where do my fundraising dollars go?

All money raised in Canada stays within the MS Society of Canada. Proceeds raised fund both world-class research and innovative programs and services for people impacted by MS in your community.  Learn more by visiting Why I Ride.

5. How do I/my donors submit pledges?

To turn in pledge money:

  1. Credit Card donations are accepted online at
    To donate to a cyclist click DONATE, search your cyclist’s name to donate directly to them.*
    *Please note donations made to a team (rather an individual) will go directly to the Team Captain.
  2. Via Mail: Cheques should be submitted with a donation tracking form found in your Participant Centre mailed to the MS Society at 300-885 Medowdale Dr. E., Ottawa, ON K2C 3N2. (Please make all cheques payable to the MS Society of Canada).
  3. Feel free to stop by our office in person with pledges at any time before or after the tour. We’re located at 300-885 Meadowlands Dr. E., Ottawa, ON and open Monday-Friday from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm.
  4. Turn in pledges when you stop by to pick up your Cyclist Package during Package Pick up.
  5. The morning of the bike tour at Metcalfe Arena.

6. When is the deadline for donations to be handed in?

The deadline for donations to be handed in is August 31, 2019 in order to qualify for prizes.


Participant Centre

1. What is a personal page?

A personal page is a unique personal webpage provided to you for you to use when asking your friends and family to join your team or to make a donation. You have a default page created for you, but you can personalize this page with your own story by signing in, selecting the “Personal Page” tab, and saving any changes you make.

2. How do I sign into my Participant Centre?

From any page of, click the "Login" link at the top-right of your screen. Enter your username and password; then, once logged in, you’ll be automatically directed to the home page of your Participant Centre.

If you are registered for more than one event, you can access your other Participant Centre(s) by selecting the event after you log in.

3. I forgot my username and/or password. What do I do?

Remember that your username and password are case sensitive. If you have forgotten your username and/or password, you can retrieve it by selecting “Forgot your password or username?” when on the log in page. For further assistance, please contact our help desk at or call  613-728-1583 or 1-800-268-7582 ext. 3326.

4. How do I change my username, password, email preferences, and/or personal information?

First, sign in to the site using your username and password by clicking the "Login" link at the top-right of the page. Once signed in, click on the "Profile" link to the top right-hand side (next to the “Log Out” button). Click on the “Change/Reset Password" link to update your new password. Click “Edit Your Profile” to change your username and other details of your profile such as mailing address and mailing preferences.

5. How can I see who has donated to me?

Sign in to your Participant Centre and select the “Progress” navigation tab. Scroll down to see your donation receipt history.

6. How do I change my personal goal?

Sign in to your Participant Centre. Under the “Home” tab, select “Change” where it shows your goal. Write the new amount and hit “Submit”.

7. How do I change my team name or team goal?

The Team Captain can change the team goal by signing in to their Participant Centre, clicking the “Progress” tab, and selecting the “Team” tab on the right-hand side. Then simply click the “Change” button under the Team Goal. To change the team's name, please contact Erica at



1. How do I register a team?

First register yourself in order to create a team. You’ll be prompted to create a team during the registration process. Be sure to pick a creative team name!

If you already registered as an individual, but would like to join or start a team, please contact Erica at or call 613-728-1583 or 1-800-268-7582 ext. 3329  with the name of the team you'd like to join or start (in addition to the team fundraising goal, if starting a team).

2. How do I change my team name or team goal?

The Team Captain can change the team goal by signing in to their Participant Centre, clicking the “Progress” tab, and selecting the “Team” tab on the right-hand side. Then simply click the “Change” button under the Team Goal. To change the team's name, please contact Erica at or call  613-728-1583 or 1-800-268-7582 ext. 3329.

3. My team wants to create a custom team jersey! Who should we go through?

Our national MS Bike apparel sponsor, Primal Wear has great solutions for team apparel and a 15% give-back program. Create a team jersey all team members can wear when training to promote your team and MS Bike! For more information and to request a quote go to  Please note that orders take approximately 6 weeks total, so be sure to order with enough time before the tour!

4. Can we advertise our Team Fundraising Event?

Yes you can! Contact Erica at or call 613-728-1583 or 1-800-268-7582 ext. 3329 and we will get your event added to the Upcoming Events Calendar.


MS Bike - Ottawa Contact Information

Still have questions? Reach out!

Erica Phillips - MS Bike Coordinator - Sponsorship, Teams
1-800-268-7582 ext. 3329|
Please contact with regards to sponsor or vendor opportunities, or for Tour of Champions information.

Jessica Wallace - MS Bike Coordinator - Donations, Participant Centre, Volunteers
1-800-268-7582 ext. 3326|
Please contact with regards to general inquiries such as donations, volunteers Participant Centre or account issues, and event weekend information.