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Tour of Champions

Every year $12 500+ fundraisers from across the country come together at the highly anticipated Tour of Champions. The weekend celebrates this elite group of fundraisers for the impact they have made in the fight to end MS. Each year, millions are raised to fund MS research as well as programs and services to improve the quality of life for Canadians living with MS.

In 2019, Tour of Champions participants will represent Team Canada and celebrate their fundraising success while they cycle through New York City at Bike MS: New York City.

Tour of Champions pic

"As we were cycling the final kilometres of the Tour of Champions course, the streets were lined with thousands of people who were all cheering us on. With their encouragement ringing in our ears, my parents and I cycled across the finish line with most of Team Canada. The atmosphere at the end of the event was a moment I’m not going to forget!" - Lucas, Saskatchewan