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Dr. Helen TremlettDr. Helen Tremlett
Research updates: from the MS prodrome to poop and beyond

This presentation will focus on recent advances in MS research. There will be a brief overview of some of the key findings from Prof. Tremlett’s team at the University of British Columbia. Then a deeper dive into two diverse topics the MS prodrome and the gut microbiome (yes, poop). Recent research has suggested that both the MS prodrome and the gut microbiome may be highly relevant to MS and findings have furthered our understanding of MS.

About Dr. Helen Tremlett

Canada Research Chair in Neuroepidemiology and Multiple Sclerosis and Professor at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada in the Faculty of Medicine, Division of Neurology. Dr Tremlett’s research program is funded through operating and foundation grants from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), the MS Society of Canada, the MS Scientific Research Foundation, the US National MS Society among others. Trained in pharmacoepidemiology and multiple sclerosis with a PhD from Cardiff University, UK. Heads the Tremlett Lab and the Epidemiology in Multiple Sclerosis (MS) research program with the vision of fostering excellence in multi-disciplinary clinical and epidemiological research to advance treatment-related knowledge and improve outcomes in those with MS. Ongoing research studies include: the MS prodrome, safety and effectiveness of the disease-modifying drugs for MS; pharmacogenomics; risk of MS in special populations; impact of comorbidities on MS outcomes; and the gut microbiome and MS.

Dr. Sarah DonkersDr. Sarah Donkers
Novel approaches to physical activity in the management of multiple sclerosis

This talk will briefly summarize what we know, and are yet to know, about physical activity in the management of MS. It will introduce some of our research projects including a web-based physiotherapist-guided home exercise program, and will end with some recommendations based on clinical experience and the current literature.

About Dr. Sarah Donkers

Dr. Donkers is a Physiotherapist and an Assistant Professor of neurology at the University of Saskatchewan. Her research focuses on optimizing function for persons living with neurodegenerative conditions and includes investigating the role of physical activity in symptom management for Multiple Sclerosis.

Panel Discussion: Living Well with MS

The Living Well with MS panel discussion provides an opportunity for the audience to connect and ask various professionals questions and connect them with information and resources.


  • Dr. Helen Tremlett, Canada Research Chair in Neuroepidemiology and Multiple Sclerosis, University of British Columbia
  • Dr. Sarah Donkers, Physiotherapist and Assistant Professor of Neurology, University of Saskatchewan
  • Keith Johnston, Director, Programs & Services, MS Society of Canada AB & NWT — BC & Yukon Divisions
  • Sheryl Harding, MS Navigator
  • Allan Miller, Retired teacher, Diagnosed with MS in 2015
  • Dr. Dave Macmurchie (session moderator) Member, Research Review Committee, MS Society of Canada