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You and your friends will support the move to end multiple sclerosis by sloshing over, under, and through 15 obstacles. At the finish line, there will be a Muck Market where participants will trade muck stories, relax, and find “takeaways” from their Muck MS Canada experience. Best of all, Muck MS Canada is accessible for almost all levels of fitness.

The best Muck MS Canada experiences are found when you register your own team. So sign up today. Whether it’s a few friends, a family, or thirty co-workers, you’ll always remember your first muck.

Everyone gets their hands dirty.
Even our incredible (and crucial) volunteers. From organizing set-up, cheering on mud crawls, or welcoming mucked runners at the finish line, there is a mucky job for everyone. Trust us - there isn’t a more memorable volunteer experience than a day in the mud.

To become a volunteer today, please contact us at 1-800-268-7582 or CLICK HERE.

Muck MS Canada offers direct access to a desirable and captive audience, and brand alignment with one of Canada’s leading charities.

Corporate sponsorships and partnerships are available at various levels, from on-site participant access and sampling, to comprehensive marketing and promotional opportunities. Customized opportunities are available per site, or for the entire nationwide series of Muck MS Canada events.

For more information, please contact