I've signed up, what now?

So you've signed up to do the MS Read-A-Thon, thank you! Now it's time to get reading and start collecting sponsors. Here's all you need to know about participating in the MS Read-A-Thon.

Thank you - all of those books that you read will help raise money for people with multiple sclerosis!

Tips for collecting pledges

Top 10 fundraising tips from successful MS Read-A-Thon participants:

1 Talk to friends and family soon after the MS Read-A-Thon assembly and explain what you are doing for people with MS. Ask politely if they would like to sponsor you.
2 Make a list of all the adults you know.
3 Sponsor yourself $1.00 to show your sponsors that you believe in yourself.
4 Write down one thing you learned about MS and tell it to your friends and family.
5 Decide how many minutes you think you can read for the MS Read-A-Thon, and tell your sponsors.
6 Write a short note to friends and family to explain the MS Read-A-Thon and why you need to get sponsors.
7 Ask mom or dad to take your sponsor list to their work.
8 Call grandma, grandpa, aunts and uncles (near and far).
9 Take your kit with you wherever you go: to soccer practice, the dentist, church, but don't lose it!
10 Smile and feel good about what you are doing for people who have MS.


What kind of books should I read? The books you read can be about anything that interests you: sports, mysteries, etc. You can read magazines or online news pages as well.

Where do I get the books? From home, your school or your local library.

How many books should I read? As many as you can!

What if I read enough minutes to fill the hourglass? Put the total number of minutes read on the Minute Tracking Sheet.

May I count a book that I have already started? Yes!

Do I have to read to other people? No! You can read to yourself or you can read to your parents or even help a younger sibling read.

Who should I ask to be my sponsor? Go to people you know: parents, friends, neighbours, relatives. Do not approach strangers.

How many sponsors should I get? As many as you wish.

stack of books

How much should a sponsor pledge? Whatever they wish. They can sponsor on a per book/minute basis or give a flat rate. It is a good idea to let your sponsor know how many books you are planning to read.

How is the money used? The money that is raised through the MS Read-A-Thon will go towards research and providing services to people who have MS.