About the MS Walk

MS Walk brings more than 30,000 incredible Canadians together in more than 125 communities to walk and fundraise to end Canada’s disease: multiple sclerosis. This inspirational event is a time of community celebration among those who are in some way affected by MS, and a way to show support in the fight to end the disease.

With your help, this is how we’re going to end Canada’s disease:

Stem cell research

Now that we've seen results from the Canadian Bone Marrow Transplantation trial, we're funding research that will lead to safer stem cell treatments.

Find the first treatment for progressive MS

We're collaborating on an international level to accelerate this urgently needed result.

Discover what causes MS

Studies of genetics are revealing more clues about the triggers and drivers of MS.

Improve symptom management

Through the development of tech solutions we aim to improve quality of life.

And what will all of this lead to? A cure for MS.

Canada has the highest rate of MS in the world. When you join MS Walk, you join our country’s collective effort to help improve the lives of Canadians affected by MS. The dollars you raise are invested in world-leading MS research happening right here in Canada. It’s an exciting time for MS research, and your fundraising will help improve the quality of life of Canadians affected by MS today, and those who may receive a diagnosis tomorrow.

All MS Walk events have routes of varying lengths, including wheelchair-accessible routes. Bring your family and friends together to share in the start/finish-line activities, team awards ceremonies and amazing stories from people living with MS!