MS Walk


2016 Mission First Club members in Atlantic Canada

Mission First Club members are MS Walk and MS Bike participants who have opted to receive a tax receipt in lieu of a gift card reward for their fundraising efforts.  This year, over $1800 was used to fund research and community programs instead of purchasing gift card rewards. 

Thank you for your continued support in the fight to end MS!



Pauline Amirault
Caroline Doyle
Judy Edwards
Jamie Emberley
Gail Halfyard
Brenda Hamilton
Beth Harris
Chuck Hartlen


Simon Hartropp
Heidi Hutchings Kays
Albert Kays
Christine Keeping
John Long
Donnie MacDonald
Chantal Milne
Mike Nabuurs


Randy Neves
Kathy O'Connor
Megan O'Keefe
Catherine Poole
Karen Richard
Kerri Riddle
Karen Rideout
Alaina Roach O'Keefe


Kim Schnarr
Anne-Marie Simpson
Shawna Smith
Arlene Taylor
Guylaine Turcotte
Amy VanderHeide
Susan Welling
Melinda Young