MS Walk

Friends and Family Teams

Come together with friends and family and take the big step to end MS. Be part of MS Walk as a member of a friends and family team, and bring us closer to the biggest possible breakthrough for people affected by MS: a cure.

You can walk side-by-side with a loved one with MS or with a group who is supporting an important cause. Whether you are a team of 25 or a trio you are showing you want to make an impact to Canadians affected by MS.

Why walk with friends and family


“Participating in MS Walk makes us feel like we are contributing, and can actually make a difference. We put together a large team made up of friends and family, and want everyone to feel welcome and comfortable joining. Every year, more and more people join our team, and we continue to do our share in raising funds for the MS Society. Raising money for MS gives us hope that there will be a cure.” - Lori, Manitoba