MS Walk

Walk of Champions

Every year participants who fundraise $10 000+ from across the country come together at the highly anticipated Walk of Champions. The weekend celebrates this elite group of fundraisers for the impact they have made in the fight to end MS. Each year, millions are raised to fund MS research as well as programs and services to improve the quality of life for Canadians living with MS.

In 2018, Walk of Champions participants traveled to Boston, MS to represent Team Canada and celebrate their fundraising success at the 2017 MS Walk.

Walk of Champions pic

"There’s people at Walk of Champions from across the whole spectrum of MS, and we’re all on a mission. No one is feeling sorry for themselves it's so energizing!"

Becky, Alberta

2018 Walk of Champions Attendees

Linda Jarrett - Kitchener-Waterloo MS Walk

Jaclyn Amar - Toronto MS Walk

Tracey Ostermann - Kitchener-Waterloo MS Walk

Bonnie Gleim - Eastend MS Walk

Larry Payne - Barrie MS Walk

Colin Findlay - Winnipeg MS Walk

Julia Nimilowich - Edmonton MS Walk

Kevin Tamblyn - Edmonton MS Walk

Paul Lefebvre - Edmonton MS Walk

Nancy Kastner - Brampton MS Walk

Ranny Shibley - Calgary MS Walk

Nancy Lester - London MS Walk

Tracy Koluk - St. Paul MS Walk

Corinne Lotoski - St. Paul MS Walk

Brenda Rosychuk - St. Paul MS Walk

Paula Merrier - Surrey MS Walk

Jason Guenter - Calgary MS Walk

Jocinda Ebinger - Calgary MS Walk

Colin Bulger - Lethbridge MS Walk

Brad Bulger - Lethbridge MS Walk

Becky Money - Red Deer MS Walk

Griffin Purdy - St. Paul MS Walk

Salvatore Salvaggio - Kamloops MS Walk