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The 2015 Johnson MS Bike Tour—Airdrie to Olds was a huge success! Over 580 participants geared up to end MS in the 2 day event. The weather cooperated with the cyclists on the Saturday, while most beat the rain on Sunday with a strong tail wind in their favour. The band Saturday night was, yet again, a hit with the crowd—thank you to Borderline for their awesome music and continued support! Thank you also to Tyler Hall and Amber Schinkel for emceeing.

Thank you for making this year’s Johnson  MS Bike Tour—Airdrie to Olds so successful, memorable, and  inspirational! Every participant plays a huge role in helping us find a cure for MS, and every participant makes a difference in the lives of Canadians living with MS. 

See you in 2016!

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$696,263.04 Raised

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  4 -  Milestone: $10,000+ Self Donor Jan Hancock ($10,472.64)
  5 -  Milestone: $10,000+ Self Donor Jeff Simpson ($10,390.15)
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