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Thank you so much all who have supported Rockingham Riders!
Thank you so much all who have supported Rockingham Riders!

Rockingham Riders

Greeting from the 2016 Rockingham Riders Team!!

MAY 2, 2016 - CherryBerry Frozen Yogurt Fundraiser on 81 Peakview Way (off Larry Uteck and Starboard Drive)

June 2, 2016 BBQ at Cyclesmith


Just in case you're not feeling like we are a committed team, check this out:

Here are the Rockingham Rider total funds raised over the last several years:

2008 – 3,290.00

2009 – 8,394.00

2010 – 8,604.50

2011 – 18,294.55

2012 – 17,862.06

2013 – 26,481.26

2014 – 24,745.00


2015 – 43,347.25 - Top team fundraising and highest pledge per person awards received.

Team total of $151,018!

In July 20, 2015 Mr. Derek Fong  joined the Rockingham Riders for the 2015 ride!  We welcomed Derek to the team for certain and appreciate the thousands of dollars Derek has raised for MS Reasearch and support in the past nine years.  Your commitment has been incredible and we will watch closely how you make out resurecting the Live Wires team in 2016.

Welcome new member for 2016 Jordan Warford, Co-President of HRM MS Atlantic Advisory Council. We're so glad you're joining us for Rockingham Riders' fellowship.

Team Total as at July 17, 2016 over $170,000! 

Gratefully yours,


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