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The definition of teamwork is the combined action of a group, especially when effective and efficient. Last year Team MS GoldfFish was a small, effective, and efficient team - ending the 2017 Fraser Valley campaign in the top 10. This year our team is expanding and our goal is to continue to be in the Top 10.

MS is a disease that is extremely prevalent in the Pacific Northwest. Many of us have friends, family, and colleagues who are living with the disease. MS is diverse in symptoms, treatments, drugs, and life plans. Nance first got involved fundraising for MS when her sister was diagnosed more than 20 years ago. We are so grateful that when circumstances require a change in the medication or treatment protocol, there are options.

Our team is looking forward to the Fraser Valley Ride in July. While individual fundraising is always an option, this year we are fundraising as a team to keep it easy and simple, especially for those people who are supporting more than one team member. Thank-you in advance for supporting MS Bike and Team MS GoldFish.  Click on the link to donate and your contribution will be credited to the team. 

If you are interested in riding and spending the week-end in Langley we'd love to have you on the team.  Again, thanks for your donations.



Nance, Sheri, Estelle, Lesley







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If you are a member of this team and would like to customize this page with a special message or team photo, please contact us and we can designate you as the team captain.