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The Squad 2018
The Squad 2018

Mr. D's Fightin' Canadians

Why we’re cycling to end MS  

Year 4!

Mr. D's Fightin' Canadians are back! After another very successful year participating in the MS Bike Okanagan Experience and raising $18,000.00 for MS research and relief, we have increased our team size again and are ready to roll!

We thank all who donated to us last year, it was truly an amazing experience. The outpouring of love and support, both monetary and personally, was overwhelming. All told over the past 3 years we have raised over $30,000.00 and all because your generous support!

The reason we ride is my step-father Dennis Conway aka Mr. D. Living with MS for decades now, Dennis epitomizes courage and heart. When diagnosed, few gave Mr. D a shot at living a long and productive life. To be fair, the odds were stacked against him as there was little research, limited support, and a general misunderstanding of the disease back then. None of this detered him and his mission to live a full and happy life.

Since then, Mr. D has been an active supporter and participant of the MS Society. Through efforts like this, and thousands of others across the globe, we have the ability to offer more support and research to those with MS than ever before. This means that loved ones, like Mr. D, have better access to new treatments and drugs, increased lifespans, and hope for a future without MS!

Those of you who know Mr. D, know how much of a larger than life personality and the infectious smile and laugh he has every single day, good or bad. He means so much to so many; Father, husband, coach, mentor, friend, inspiration, all of these roles he fills for us on a daily basis and in the face of a crippling ailment that would have broken many of us long before.

Join me in thanking him for all he does for us and taking a stand against this terrible disease. Whatever you want to donate, whether it be money to our fundraiser, your time volunteering at a local MS event, or your love to Mr. D, we appreciate all of the support and thoughts as Mr. D and the family continue our fight against MS.

As always, thank you, thank you so much! Let us end MS together.

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