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Hello friends and riders. Welcome, or welcome back, to the end MS 2019 ride. This is my second year as captain of the County Riders in Prince Edward County. We're the best team in Prince Edward County, have been since the first year, and we aim to keep it that way. But we need your participation to do that again.

The County Riders have raised over $192,505 in seven years. This year we want to take that total to $200,000. Can we count on you? There is the option to ride 75km or 40km. The venue is the beautiful countryside of Prince Edward County. If you can ride past the wineries and farms, reward yourself when you've finished and pick up some local wine and exquisite fresh produce. It will make heading back to Toronto, if you must, a little bit easier.

Please register to ride with the County Riders on July 7th. The weather has always been beautiful. Sunshine, not too hot, and the ride is not difficult - just a bit long. But every push of the pedal and every dollar you bring in helps fund research that will break the code on this debilitating disease. Canada has the highest rate of MS in the world. Many of the people you'll meet on the ride have a personal connection to MS. I ride because my son has MS. People with MS ride, or someone may be riding for a parent, spouse, partner, or child who has MS. They may be a leading researcher in Canada working toward the cure, a neurologist who specializes in the disease, or the CEO of the MS Society of Canada. You never know who you will meet, but what I can tell is that everyone cares. We're all riding to raise money for research to help endMS.

I've set an initial goal for myself - $3,500. Join me and be ambitious for a cure. You'll have my deep appreciation and that of the 100,000 Canadians who face life each day with multiple sclerosis.

Thank you,

Garry S


Why we’re gearing up

Every day 3 more Canadians are diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, an unpredictable illness that affects vision, balance, memory and mobility. We don’t know what causes MS and there is no cure.

Your support means families who are impacted by this often devastating disease do not have to face MS alone.

Join us in the fight to end MS

If you aren't able to participate in the ride, pledge to our team today to help us reach our goal of $40,000. When you make a donation, your funds are invested into groundbreaking MS research and valuable services for families affected by MS.


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