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Happy New Year!

It is the first month of the year and we are beginning our training again after a hiatus (where we were stupid busy and ridiculously lazy).  Yoga and cycling are currently on the program, along with more dog walks.  We have a gentle leader for her now, rather than the Easy Walk Harness we had before. It's much easier to walk her now. 

It would be so nice if we could find a pool I can swim in.  That would be an excellent cross-training thing to add. So easy on the joints. 

We would like to report that we have added a new member of the team!  Welcome, Geoff! Thank you very much for joining us. 

I've been thinking a lot about fundraising (yep, I'm bouncing around here, try to keep up ;) ) and I think that we are going to see if we can get a little corporate sponsorship help from Mike's work. Need to figure out how and where to do a bake sale.   Or three.  Not to mention pestering people.

Time to get going. I've added five miles (eight km) to my total for the week and now it's lunch time and time to make sure that Geoff actually gets added to the team.  See you soon!





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