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After learning of a possible MS diagnosis during a conversation with my neurologist, I decided to join the fight against MS as a single rider and more importantly as MS Independent. At the time, I didn't expect anyone to join and was so touched by those that did. I wanted to do something to make a difference in the lives of those living with MS so I decided to carry on with strength. Later on that year, just a few short months after joining the fight and about a month before the ride, I found out that I too, was someone who was living with MS.

Since then, I have participated each year and will continue to do so until I am no longer able to; hoping that day will never come.  MS Independent is a team of family and friends who are determined that we will find a cure in our lifetime.  Our team continues to grow (and we welcome others), have the best cheerleaders, have won Best Team Name, and most importantly have raised over $40,000 to date!!  

To my team members and cheerleaders -Thank you for your contunous support as we ride, but even more so on a daily basis.  You are the reason I continue to fight.  

To all generous donors- Thank you for your commitment and geneoristy, in the fight against MS.  Your compassionate support is the reason I have not lost sight of a cure.  

I am at a loss for words, and can not thank each of you for your generosity, love and support.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much, it is greatly and genuinely appreciated.

Please support team MS Independent, as we ride for the 7th consecutive year with endless hope, enthusiasm, and passion to end MS. I kindly ask you to give as little, or as much as you can- every bit counts and will help us get that much closer to finding a cure.

xoxo Jessica

~ MS Independent

"Life is like riding a keep your balance, you must keep moving" ... read more about my story on my Personal Page

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