MS Bike


Kick butt. Every day!!
Kick butt. Every day!!

MS Butt Kickers

Why we’re cycling to end MS

I was diagnosed in 2015 with MS and shortly after that I ran my first half Marathon and raised over $6000.00 for MS Canada.  Now, my MS has decided to progress a little bit. I am on medication and my running days are over BUT that is just fine.  I am still kicking it's butt and am feeling good.  This year, I have decided to create a team to ride 40km in the Niagara region on August 19th. 

Join us in the fight to end MS


It would be an absolute blast to get a big team together to do this. I promise fun and laughs will be had by all. Best thing is that we will all kick MS's butt togther - it's an amazing feeling.  Please join me and spend the day with friends, family and colleagues, knowing that you are helping to end MS.


If you aren't able to ride with us, please  donate to our team today to help us reach our goal. I am aiming for $10,000.00 this time. (go big or go home right?) When you make a donation, your funds are invested into research to find the cause and cure for the disease, while providing services to Canadians with multiple sclerosis and their families.

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