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The Gritty Grinders Ride Again!!!

Building on our success in 2018 at the Prince Edward County ride for MS, we are riding yet again in 2019 but this time in Niagara on August 18th!!!  This fun-loving team is cycling to help End MS.  The all-important fundraising goes to the MS Society of Canada, and leads to ground-breaking research as well as support for services of those with MS.  Having been involved with the Society in various capacities (board member, speaking engagements, research, fundraising) I can tell you that they do awesome work.

The Gritty Grinders will be hosting a dinner on Saturday August 17th at the Pleasant Beach Campground, the day before the event (yes I know Kate, it's not a race...)  All riders and supporters are welcome!  Camp sites are still available, we will be there Friday and Saturday night.

We appreciate all your donations and support, and hoping that you will be able to ride with us!

Thank you!


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