Réseaux sociaux


  • Sign up online; create and personalize your fundraising page.
  • Circulate the link to your personal fundraising page to all your contacts and raise money online.
  • Show your commitment: sponsor yourself!
  • Set a goal: people will donate more if you're on the way to achieving it.
  • Promote the cause: talk about your commitment to everyone you know.
  • Start your fundraising in plenty of time and personalize your requests.
  • To save time and energy, collect the donations at the time you solicit them, in person, rather than just recording pledges.
  • Organize an event, such as a bake sale or garage sale, a carwash, a paid casual day (jeans), or a barbecue; or maybe you could sell cookbooks to raise additional money.
  • Contact your company's suppliers and ask for donations equivalent to a percentage of the annual sales your business brings them.
  • Find out if your company has a matching gift program, which could double or even triple the results of your fundraising efforts.
  • Be sure to thank your donors!


Make registration and fundraising easier by personalizing your Web page.

  • Add a photo of yourself.
  • Tell your personal story or talk about the reasons motivating you to participate.
  • Indicate your goal; your thermometer will show how your fundraising is progressing.
  • Send the link to your page to everyone you know.
Don't forget to update your personal page as your fundraising progresses.