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Dimanche, 24 mai 2015

Location: Parc Portuaire au 1300,rue du Fleuve, Trois-Rivières

Check-in Time: 9 h
Start Time: 10 h

For more information, contact Ann Bartlett:
ann.bartlett@scleroseenplaques.ca | 819 373-2570


Of all the countries in the world, Canada is the most affected by MS, so it’s important for us to be proactive in funding leading-edge research. People with MS need research to advance quickly so they can get the necessary help to improve their quality of life.

Thus, I accepted the honorary presidency of the 2015 MS Walk with both pride and determination.

We all know someone who has MS. These people need us. Together, let’s give them hope!

Annie Thibeault, President, Voyages Harmonie


Every year, close to 6,000 walkers help to change the world by participating in one of the 20 MS Walks organized throughout Quebec. Every step expresses a keen desire to give hope to people who live with MS every day.

Canada has the highest rate of multiple sclerosis in the world. But this country is also where some of the most promising MS research is being conducted. Step by step, let's keep contributing to advances in research.

Let's walk so the 100,000 Canadians who have MS can witness breakthroughs in research, starting right now. One day, this progress will lead to a cure for MS.

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