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Mandarin MS Walk - Hamilton-Stoney Creek

Proud to share that we Won the Largest Team Award for the Hamilton/Stoney Creek MS Walk - May 2017
Proud to share that we Won the Largest Team Award for the Hamilton/Stoney Creek MS Walk - May 2017

Stop MSing with me!

Dear Family & Friends;

As some of you may or may not know, I was diagnosed with MS in December 2016. I've been continuing to struggle with this disease and had the courage to be open and share my journey with all of you early last year before participating in my first MS Walk in May 2017. I want to thank all of you for the help, constant support, and love! As most of you already know, I'm living with the symptoms each and everyday, some days being worse than others. I've experienced multiple "attacks" or "flare ups" and have been admitted to the Hosptial twice in 2016. Because of these "attacks" I've taken time away from work and family which has been beyond stressful on me. I've been treated for depression and anxiety and felt like my life was completely flipped upside down when I received my diagnsos. However, I'm happy to share that since I started treatment (self injections) and medication in January 2017 and received such an overwhelming response from all my friends and family that I'm doing much better!! It feels great to almost feel like myself again. I'm grateful for my smart and caring Neurologist ~ Dr. Menon @ The General Hospital, my amazing husband and family, all of my wonderful friends and the Blue Team (Fastenal) who support me each and everyday. I want you to know that you've ALL made a difference in my life!

Since there is no cure for MS, I am required to self inject myself with the medication 3 times a week for the rest of my life (which is extremly expensive and is covered by our health benefits thru our Employers). Based on my MS pattern (relapse & remit) I can still experience an average of 1-3 attacks per year.

I'm sharing this information with you to ask for your support AGAIN in joining me for the MS WALK at Confederation Park in Hamilton on Sunday, May 6th, 2018. I would absolutely love for you to walk with my friends/family and I and help raise money to contribute towards finding a cure for MS. Any amount of contributions are welcome!

I'm beyond honoured that WE won and "Stop MSing with me!" was presented with the LARGEST TEAM AWARD last year, and I want to do it again!!!! We also came in 2nd place for the top fundraising team with raising $7250!

I'm confident that with more time and prepardeness that we can reach $10,000 for 2018! And agian, if we reach our team goal of $10,000, we will raffle off a pair of our Blue Jays seasons tickets to an upcoming game this summer! (Seats are 31 rows directly behind home plate)

Special THANK YOU to ALL those that joined, contributed and participated in the Wine Survivor Fundraiser pool in October - you all raised a total of $1086 and that's INCREDIBLE!

Why I’m walking to end MS

Canada has the highest rate of MS in the world. Every day three more Canadians are diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, an unpredictable illness that affects vision, balance, memory and mobility. We don’t know what causes MS and there is no cure.

Your support means Canadian families who are affected by this disease do not have to face MS alone.

When you donate to my fundraising efforts for the MS Walk, your funds are invested into research to find the cause and cure for the disease, while providing services to Canadians with multiple sclerosis and their families.

Thank you in advance for joining the fight to end MS.

Much Love,

Mellisa West

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