Prince Edward County

Participants of Johnson MS Bike could win $500* towards your fundraising, courtesy of Johnson. *Click for contest rules

2015 Registration Fees

  • $10: November 17th - December 20th
  • $20: December 21st - March 31st
  • $30: April 1st - June 30th
  • $40: July 1st - Event Date

MS Bike - PEC Awards Celebration & Dinner 2015 - Book your TICKETS now!

We look forward to seeing you at the 4th annual MS Bike - Prince Edward County! This one-day tour starts in the town of Picton, and travels along the beautiful country roads through 'the County'.

Make it a team event and invite your friends, family and co-workers to join you at this wonderful event.

Why not make it a weekend away, and join us at the Awards Ceremony & Pasta Dinner on Saturday evening at the Community Centre. Spend the day visiting wineries and quaint villages in this scenic part of Ontario.

**New** Looking for a team to join? Check-out our new open teams HERE. If you’re part of a team that is interested in welcoming new teammates, please contact Amanda Snow at 1-800-268-7582 xt. 3152 or

Local MS Bike Shop shows their support en route!

batemans guys.jpg

“We really like to support great organizations, so when we heard that the MS Society of Canada holds an annual bike tour; it was something we had to get involved with.” Bateman’s Bicycle Company, located in Toronto, recently became an official MS Bike Shop providing MS Bike participants with free bike inspections before the tour and expert knowledge on all things cycling. Forest, an employee at the shop, says “We like to help out events that do a great job.”

“The exposure that MS Bike raises for the cause is amazing and any way that we can help spread awareness about the 100,000 Canadians affected by MS, we will.”

“This year we have the opportunity to send some of our expert mechanics to help out at the MS Bike - Prince Edward County, and our team is really looking forward to it.” Forest continues, “We think it’s a great perk that MS Bike offers their cyclists. It’s very valuable for participants to know that there are people on route with the expertise to assist with any bike related issue!”

Forest shares some valuable cycling tips with us, “The biggest tip I can share is to get your bike checked well before the ride and start training early! Also, get your bike tuned up before you start training, and again at least a week before the event. If your bike is running rough, you’ll be working harder than you need to. This may make your experience less than ideal and discourage you. Go see your local MS Bike shop or come see us to ensure your bike is running as best as possible to make sure you have a great time at the MS Bike! We look forward to seeing the participants along the route at this year’s MS Bike, and wish everyone safe and happy training!”

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