I Challenge MS

The Flash Mob
The Flash Mob

The Flash Mob


Do you recall the AsimOff, in which Strawsburg and I did our best outdo each other in imitating the father of Foundation?

Well, we're attempting something similar: and you can get involved! Pictures will be taken on the 1st to capture our starting points, then, after a month of concentrated follicle growth, we will return on March 31st to demonstrate our verisimilitude - but wait, there's more!

This time around we will be working at becoming ANY Science Fiction or Fantasy author OR character, and anyone can join in (so long as they post their photos.)

We'll also be collecting charity money* for MS research, which will factor into the scoring for our celebrity judge!

Ladies, feel free to step in as well. We won't judge if your beard is of questionable material, so long as you participate.

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